Online dermatology visits, 2.0!

New And Improved

Our customers have transformed the patient experience, making it easier than ever to provide access to high-quality dermatological care. The response from patients has been incredible as well! They love being able to conveniently follow-up with their favorite dermatologist through their mobile device or computer. Meanwhile, our tech and product teams have been incredibly busy gathering feedback and developing new features to enhance and expand our offering. With all this work, I’m proud to announce the launch of MyDerm Portal 2.0! Below you can read about just a few of the new features included in this release.

Online Dermatology Visits

We’ve found that patients want online access to more than just dermatology follow-up visits. We listened, and launched an incredible new feature that allows existing and prospective patients to start an online visit on their own. Patients simply go to your practice website and click on “Start Visit” and we take it from there! Patients answer a few screening questions for safety and accuracy. Next they upload photos and answer an assessment that is unique to their condition–don’t worry, no large blank boxes! We help you get the right information you need to assist your patients. Now you can see more patients, online, at your convenience. And online visits still take less than 2 minutes to complete with our customizable report templates.


Here’s a scenario: Patient calls you with a skin issue. They try and describe it but they don’t know what plaques are. You just wish you had a photo. You might ask a patient to text or email you a photo, but what about HIPAA? We get it; you just want to help your patients. Don’t worry, there’s an app for that! PhotoXpress is a standalone feature we created just for you. In less than 10 seconds you can securely request a patient photo from your phone using PhotoXpress. Patients get a text or email with a unique link to upload and share photos. Your phone number or email isn’t shared and we take care of security. View photos directly from your phone.

Redesigned Clinic Interface

The clinic user interface has been redesigned to make completing online patient visits even faster. In addition to working great on your iPad or Android tablet, we’ve given you the ability to customize and develop your own response templates. This means you can customize the response to every patient patient condition with the click of a button.

Text Notifications

We know you’re not at a computer all day. You might not check your email obsessively like we do. Don’t worry, we fixed that. Now you can easily configure your MyDerm Portal settings to get a text message notification anytime a patient submits a visit. Now you’ll never miss a patient visit!