Interview with a Teledermatology Patient

Frequently we receive positive feedback from patients about their experience seeing their dermatologist on MyDerm Portal. The feedback is empowering to both the team and our dermatology customers. This week we spoke with Kelsey Taylor who has used MyDerm Portal several times for follow-up care with her dermatologist. Below is a summary of the interview she graciously agreed to share with our community.

Kelsey Taylor

Have you heard of or had any prior experience with telemedicine visits?

I’ve had a few friends try telemedicine but it was through a company that provided them with a random general practice doctor who happened to be available. I loved the concept of telemedicine but prefer seeing my own doctors, who I have an established relationship with.

What were your immediate thoughts when your dermatologist offered you a telemedicine follow-up visit?

I was happily surprised that it was an option. Thankfully, I have a flexible job so taking time for doctor’s appointments is not a problem but when you combine commuting time plus the actual time spent in the doctor’s office, it can easily take 2 hours for a simple visit. I appreciated that they were offering more flexible options for people.

Tell us about your experience doing your telemedicine visit on MyDerm Portal.

The whole process was so easy! I got an email from MyDerm Portal the day of my online appointment. When I got home from work I used the link from the email to log in. After that I answered a few questions about my condition and took pictures of the problem area. It took less than 15 minutes from start to finish. My dermatologist responded later that evening with her recommendation for medication. I had a few questions which I was able to easily submit through the portal. I got a response from my dermatologist via the portal the next morning, answering my questions and notifying me that my prescriptions were being sent to the pharmacy that day.

What did you like best about doing your visit online?

At first I loved the ease of completing the appointment from home. But now that I’ve completed a few appointments through MyDerm Portal, I would have to say that the best part is having all the information from the appointment available online, in a single place. If I forget what order to apply my medication (this has happened a few times), I can login to MyDerm Portal and re-read the instructions from my doctor. Or easily look up when I started a new medication. I know I can always call my dermatologist’s office to get these answers but it is nice to have a self-service solution.

Would you recommend your dermatologist to friends and family because they offer telemedicine visits?

Absolutely. It’s really hard to find a doctor you like. It’s even harder to find a doctor you like that is conveniently located near your home/office/school/etc. My dermatologist happens to be a 45 minute drive for me and sometimes that distance can be a barrier. In the past, I would put off scheduling appointments because of the hassle of leaving work and driving to the doctor’s office. Now I can complete the online appointment at a time that is convenient for me.